Floor Cleaning

The presentation of your companies facilities stands as an unspoken advertisement of your company and its appearance to visitors is key to attracting business. This includes the general surroundings and clean floors. We offer a wide range of floor cleaning services…….. to ensure you make the right impression.

Floor Polishing

We are all aware that flooring can be expensive and you want to ensure that your floor always looks its best and is well looked after. The good news is that caring for your floors doesn’t have to be expensive. We ensure that your floors should always look like new and we work hard to ensure this by using our specially formulated care products for a superior clean and a lasting shine and enhanced slip resistance.

Specialist Cleaning

We offer a number of services that allow for the recovery of property to their former condition. We offer a number of services from steam cleaning, chewing gum removal, graffiti removal and disaster recovery after water, fire or smoke damage.